New trail for Colchester set to be revealed

It has taken six months to devise, and now, a new trail is set to be launched for Colchester town centre. It is part of a scheme to encourage young people to explore their local history. English Heritage devised "shout out loud" and challenged the young archaeologists' clubs throughout the country to deliver a little known or forgotten, "from ordinary to extraordinary" story.
   As one of seven clubs whose application was successful, young people in Colchester undertook research, designed eye-catching symbols, coloured pictures, and  used maps to deliver their story in the form of a trail.
   With support and advice from the Council of British Archaeology, Colchester Museums and tour guides, Colchester YAC's trail and story will be published online and in leaflet form.
   The story encompasses the whole of Essex, with some surprising facts and figures.  It focuses on Colchester, where some ordinary peoples' lives took an extraordinary turn, at a shocking event in the town, which took place more than 450 years ago.  


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