YAC investigations include old maps and the latest finds from a Roman site

Young Archaeologists were not phased by some arcane spellings, such as "Bricklesey" and "Chemesford", with the missing "L" floating above it, as they identified the places they needed to highlight on this 1610 map of Essex. To completely personalise it, they became very creative and depicted favourite archaeological eras. They took turns to do find washing at Roman Circus House. (Picture below). The artefacts had been excavated from the former Essex County Hospital site, which is due to be redeveloped. So far the site has revealed Roman road junctions and Roman bread ovens, perhaps for cooking up tasty snacks to take to the Chariot Racing Circus. The work on the maps and the artworks herald the completion of our project, which we started in September. From preparing bids for funding, organising the researches, locating resources and meetings, actual and zoom, between them, volunteers have probably clocked up more than 100 hours, working on "Caught in a Treacherous Tudor Web".



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